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About Us

Ningbo Victor Automatic Door Co. Ltd   Ningbo Victor automatic door is a special manufacturer of automatic sliding door, automatic swing door, automatic revolving door, automatic curved sliding door, automatic telescopic sliding door, hermetic sliding door, and door accessories. Victor has been in automatic door field more then 10 years, we have special R&D team, producing team, QC team, and special OEM designer to meet customers’ request. Join Victor, we can be victors in automatic door market.

Catalogue and Products

Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Door, Automatic Sliding Glass Doors,

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS120)

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS120), Auto sliding door motor, Automatic sliding door, automatic door timing belt,

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS150)

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS150), Automatic sliding door motor, Automatic sliding door, commercial automatic sliding glass doorsVS150,

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS115)

automatic sliding door mechanism VS115

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS4S)

advanced and stable automatic sliding doors openerVS4S

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS200)

advanced automatic sliding door VS200

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS130)

commercial automatic sliding doorVS130

Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS125)

automatic sliding door opener VS125

Automatic Revolving Door

revolving door parts

Automatic Revolving Door(2wings)

Automatic Revolving Door(2wings), Automatic rotating door, Two wings revolving door, Luxury automatic revolving door,

Automatic Revolving Door(3/4wings)

Automatic Revolving Door(3/4wings), Automatic three wings revolving door, Automatic three wings rotating door,

Automatic Revolving Door( with showcase)

Automatic Revolving Door( with showcase)

Automatic Crystal Revolving Door

Automatic Crystal Revolving Door

Automatic Swing Door

Automatic Swing Door Mechanism(VSW100)

Automatic Swing Door Mechanism(VSW100), automatic door swing door openerVSW100,

Automatic Swing Door Mechanism(VSW200)

interior automatic swing door supplierVSW200

Hermetic Sliding Door

automatic hospital door, gas tight door,

Automatic Hermetic Sliding Door

Automatic Hermetic Sliding Door

Manual Hermetic Sliding Door

Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door

Telescopic Sliding Door Mechanism(VST200)

Telescopic Sliding Door Mechanism(VST200)

Automatic Curved Sliding Door

automatic hermetic door foot sensor, Automatic sliding door, stainless steel hospital sliding door, electric doors, Auto sliding door motor VS150, Glass Automatic Door, Automatic Door Mechanism,

Curved Sliding Door Mechanism(VSC180)

Curved Sliding Door Mechanism(VSC180), Auto curved sliding door, Automatic arc sliding doors, Curved sliding doors,

Manual Revolving Door

Manual Revolving Door(3/4wings)

Manual Crystal Revolving Door

Manual Crystal Revolving Door, Manual Revolving Door(3/4wings),

Door Accessories

Infrared Sensor, AUTOMATIC DOOR COMPONENT, touchless sensor switch for automatic doors, automatic door push button and receiver,

Microwave Sensor

Microwave Sensor, Microwave Sensor, Infrared Proximity Sensor,

Security Photocell

Security Photocell

Wired Push Button

Wired Push Button

Wireless Push Button

Wireless Push Button

Access Keypad

Access Keypad B, Access Keypad A,

Function Keypad

Function Keypad1,2,3,4,5,6

Function Switch

Function Switch

Function Remote

Function Remote

Door Guide

Door Guide

Glass Clamp

Glass Clamp

Infrared Sensor