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Top Reasons for Businesses to Choose Automatic Doors [2012-02-17]

Today Automatic doors are seen in every single place but why have they become so popular?

Automatic entrances are not a convenience; they have become a common site in our hospitals, shopping centres & local shops.


Below is a brief list of reasons why I think the automation of doors has become more popular.

  Customers prefer automatic doors- Research proves that consumers prefer auto doors & expect to see them at: hospitals, airports, hotels/motels, shopping centre entrances & retail stores.

  Safety- With today's modern sensors & the BS7036:1996 safety standards, doors are brilliantly safe. Fail safe devices & procedure mean accidents are rare.

  Aesthetics- These types of door come in a variety of finishes, from stainless to powdercoating. A well designed entrance can add significance & stature to your business.

  Convenience- enabling simple access for all & instantly demonstrate to users that the establishment cares about their visitors.

  Low maintenance- Automatics are very reliable. They are often operated thousands of times a day & last for several years without any trouble

  Your image- Automatic doors are impressive & give your building a positive status.

  Free- In most circumstances, a UK based business, will purchase a new entrance to the sum of several thousand pounds. This purchase can be a "capital allowance" & your accountant can depreciate it over several years. This often equates to the actual cost of the method being negligible. ( consult your accountant for exact rules & allowance).

  Cost effective- Automatic doors practically pay for themselves when you think about the energy saving on the building's heating & the increased picture & convenience factors for your customers.

  DDA compliance- Automatic doors permit unhindered access for all of your customers without persecution no matter their mobility.

  Work with professionals- Automatic door systems are complicated & any company desirous to put in them must go through a vigorous training program & ideally join the "Automatic Door Suppliers Association".