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Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door [2012-06-29]

Doors, doors, door what to do with them? There are all types of doors with all different problems presented. My big concern right now is telescopic sliding doors. I have no idea what to do on them.  They are big and wide with an intrusive amount of glass that always needs to be covered. So the big dilemma is, how do I cover them?  To explain a telescopic sliding door in plain English, it is a door that slides and collapses into each other. They can either go from left to right or right to left. Telescopic sliding doors on average are about six feet and have two panel doors. Then there are over sized sliders which are usually anything above ninety six inches.  These doors tend to have three to four panels. On a three panel door either the middle one slides, or the two sides are stationary, or vice versa where the sides slide in and the middle is stationary. The same concept is used for a four panel telescopic sliding door.