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Automatic doors [2012-02-27]

The automatic doors are divided into: emergency evacuation of the revolving doors, curved doors, sliding doors, sliding doors, automatic doors, swing, folding doors, rapid doors, and other types of

Classification instance of automatic doors
Automatic door construction began in the late twentieth century. The late twenties, the U.S. supermarket automatic doors open. In 1930, Stanley is the first to introduce the world's first Church (automatic doors in the history of the New York Times). Subsequently, the brand in 1945, first DORMA automatic doors, hydraulic, air automatic doors wide range of markets, the new building's main entrance on the world has begun to use. In 1962, the electrical type has begun to appear, as urban construction, the automatic doors technology, every year increasing. Initially, the construction of the power of the motor speed is very difficult to control supply, but to carry out hydraulic, air compressors, speed control, transformation, energy efficiency is very low, However, with the development of electrical technology, electrical control technology is ripe for direct control motor electrical automatic doors, and gradually become the mainstream. For example: a variety of automatic identification control of the private door, such as: automatic door sensor (infrared sensors, microwave sensors, tactile sensors, pedal sensors) and credit card automatic doors.
Pedals, photoelectric beam power, pneumatic or hydraulic automatic opening and closing of the role of system gates.
1st century AD, the Greek heroes, temples, built-in to automatically open the device (Figure 1) is the earliest use of pneumatic and hydraulic powered automatic doors. As shown above, altar fired air expansion, the water a split in two, and the weight of the water used to make 3-axis rotation, and open the door. Fire upon the altar, the doors automatically close. There are automatic doors operating in three ways (Figure 2).
① pedals: with a pressure switch under the pedal.
(2) photoelectric beam: beam transmitter near the door, and optical sensing devices.
(3) button: similar switch button, open the door hand. Slide open and close automatic doors, hinged or folding doors. Security, must be equipped with special equipment, such as automatic doors, to determine the monitor need to install the device or TV households, strict restrictions on people outside the family. Automatic doors have been widely used in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, banks and other occasions.
Automatically open and tightly controlled signal, and run a general term for devices, sensing devices and door components. (Induction retractable door, see the external doors.)