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Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS150)

  • Product Name:  Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS150)
  • Model NO.:  VS150
  • Product Details:  Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism(VS150)

Opening model Single open Double open
Max door leaf weight 150kgs 150kgs
Door leaf width 700-1300mm 600-1250mm
Opening speed 150-500mm/s 150-450mm/s
Closing speed 100-450mm/s 100-430mm/s
Manual opening force <40N <45N
Controller chip 32 digital micro-computer processing controller
Motor 24V 55W Brushless DC motor, worm gear box
Power AC200-250V 50/60HZ
Opening time 0-9s(adjustable)
Operating temperature -20°C -70°C

Technical details:

1. LED digital screen, show the door operating parameters clearly. Customer can adjust the data from controller easily.
2. Controller can work with lots of accessories, such as access keypad, function remote, function keypad, push button.
3. Five working models with function keypad or remote: full open, partial open, exit only, lock, automatic.
4. Partial open can be adjusted from 20% to 90%.
5. The controller and motor have anti-clamp function, when the door leaf hit someone, the door will open again.
6. Working model select when power off: keep open, keep close, normal working. (only when work with battery)
7. Function customized.